Official Community Event: Q&A with 3 Codecademy team members

Hello everyone! We just finished the event and I wanted to remind you all that you can keep adding your questions here and I’ll make sure to share with our panelists!

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Thank you Fede for hosting the event, and to Jasmine, Esperanza and Julie for participating.

Some questions:

  1. What is an example of a project that you are particularly proud of/excited about and why?

  2. What do you predict will be your department’s greatest challenge this year?

  3. What is an example of professional development that you received at CC that you found especially helpful?

  4. Which tech career titles do you find compelling, but did not know about before working in an office setting?

Thank you all,


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Sharing some answers from our panelists!

From Julie:

  1. I’m most proud of recreating Tetris because I pushed myself each time I had to figure out something challenging such as rotating the Tetromino or displaying a preview of the next Tetromino. Plus, my little kids got to play by letting only the O and I shapes to fall
  2. I’m not sure how to answer this question
  3. Improving communication skills by syncing and pairing with colleagues.

From Jasmine:

  1. I created a math clock in Vue several years ago, which I think was my first time using a framework. It shows the current time in math expressions, like 6:29 could be 2x3 : 27+2. It’s not complicated, but it was fun to build and test, and the result still brings me joy.
  2. I’m not sure how much I can share about that :sweat_smile:, but I think companies everywhere are thinking about how to leverage AI right now.
  3. I like how we have engineering competencies clearly laid out for each level from apprentice to VP. Our competency matrix is publicly available, and not only has it been helpful for my own goal-setting, but it’s been helpful for friends in other companies that don’t have clear expectations laid out like this.
  4. I’m hearing a bit about “AI prompt engineers”. The concept in the context of AI is unlike anything I’ve heard of in my entire life.
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Wow! Interesting responses. Thank you all for the advice. :grinning:

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