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im not a host haha, im here to ask questions too

How can i build my portfolio (data science)? Where can I gather practical experience?


Hello, and thank you for being here to help! I am at the end of my Data Science Machine Learning Career Path and am trying to figure out next steps. I am currently working on the Codecademy provided portfolio projects, as well as personal projects that I am adding to my Github. Are there any ways to make sure my portfolio best represents my applicable skillset in a way that will stand out to potential employers? Without a degree, I feel my projects will likely carry a lot of weight in regards to hiring potential.


I have 2 questions.

  1. Is it difficult or unheard of to search for a remote only job? Where I’m currently located is not particularly where I will be in the next 2 years.

  2. Is it a bad idea to use AI to generate the About Me portion of my portfolio?

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How could i go about getting an internship in the states/EU if i currently don’t live there. Do i have to have some really good projects to really get the chance?

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I’m new to coding and would like to look for a career in data analyst, but almost all the jobs require a bachelors degree. Should try to get a degree?

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Whoops, my mistake lol

I am a teacher who is happy in what I do, but looking to grow my income through freelancing in my months off. I have worked through a web design certificate and am currently trying to build my abilities in Python. I still don’t feel ready for prime time, but I am trying to grow into that first step of freelancing. What courses could you recommend in preparing to freelance? Are there freelance coordinating websites you have seen positive experiences for users?

I am also facing the same sort of issue cannot join
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Hello curious in asking, is being a full stack SWE too saturated in todays market? Also, heard a lot of people talking about learning to code blockchain technology and a strong market for that, opinions on both please.

As a computer science graduate who will be graduating in four months, I’m seeking guidance to transition into the data science field. I’m currently taking a data science and machine learning path on Codecademy to enhance my knowledge. I would greatly appreciate guidance on how to improve my chances of securing a job in this field.

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Is learning HTML, CSS & JS enough to get an entry-level junior tech job in a small-medium-sized not necessarily tech company? Not that learning a framework isn’t a goal (learning React is in the future, but have a ways to go), but learning JS as it is is hard. Not interested in FAANG companies either.


Same! Been trying to figure it out for a while now

Hello, I would like to know. What do you think is going to be the role of AI for the developer, and how can the developer take advantage of it rather than be affected by it? Do you think it is important to have a formal education (at least a tertiary degree) to enter the market? Thanks so much

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Hey! I have registered but where is the link to join the meeting? Join Event buton on the event page led me to this page.

I’m thinking to switch from my current job (industrial engineer) to DevOps. What advices can you give me?

Hello, I am a technical writer and I transition to a full stack developer role. What projects can help me do that transition? Does only adding the projects help me get hired at good company? Or do I need certifications as well? How many projects can make me shine? And what should be the projects level? Does projects needs to be of advanced level? Or should I make multiple small projects in different tech stacks?

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youre in the right place

Hello! Unfortunately, I am not an expert on this area, and there are a lot of factors, like your level of education, language proficiency, and which country you are based in that can influence this answer.

All that being said, in general I would recommend seeking out opportunities to contribute to open projects on Github that are attached to US or EU companies, which will give you an opportunity to show that you can work in those spaces (I’ll shamelessly plug Codecademy Docs as an example).

Additionally, if you are confident in your work you could look for opportunities to work with US or EU based companies on websites like Fiverr in a consultant capacity, and again use that to build out your resume.

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Im totally new, these are some great questions and I can’t wait to see them answered