Official Community Event: Be Your Own Hype Person

About this event

Calling all students, career switchers, or seasoned professionals looking to land that next promotion! Don’t miss this upcoming opportunity! Codecademy teamed up with Louis Melendez of Have Better Conversations to bring you a complimentary workshop to up your self-hype game.

In Be Your Own Hype Person, we’ll learn tools for self-advocacy—speaking about our success and telling our professional story from a place of pride. Sometimes the best advocate you have is yourself! The training will center around three key tenets: Visibility, Boasting without Bragging, & Authenticity. This workshop will leave you feeling like your best self and able to walk into any room with greater confidence and poise.

In the first 40~ minutes of each session, Louis will walk through self-advocacy skills, best practices, and tips he’s picked up over his years of experience as a sales leader and comedy performer. The second 45 minutes is focused on practicing those skills and implementing them in our own words. Participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout the entire session. Each session occurs on two screens, with participants answering questions and prompts from their cell phones.


Communication coach Louis Melendez helps people find the words to get what they want — whether it’s a new job, promotion, closed deal, or improved relationship. After selling millions in digital ads at Yelp and raising millions more for charity at Charitybuzz, Louis founded Have Better Conversations to successfully teach others how to negotiate and communicate in their professional and personal lives. Also an improv and live comedy performer, Louis uses a light-hearted and candid approach to sharing tools and strategies for developing confident, human, and outcome-driven communication skills and habits.


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At Codecademy, we are committed to empowering all people, regardless of where they are in their coding journeys, to continue to learn, grow, and impact the world around them. By participating in our event, you agree to the following:

  • Be Respectful: Harassment, bullying, or threatening will not be tolerated. We welcome learners of all backgrounds here, and we ask that you respect each others’ viewpoints and assume positive intent.
  • Be Authentic: While you are not required to provide your name and are always welcome to go by a username, please refrain from misrepresenting yourself in the community in a misleading way.
  • Adhere to the Law: Please only share your code (if relevant to the event) or content unless you are crediting the original author or source. Do not share code that infringes on others’ intellectual property. Do not share harmful code or anything that violates local, state, federal, or international laws.

Questions? Comments? Email [email protected]. And if you can’t attend this event and would like to attend more in the future, join our chapter.

Excited to start this up in just a few! Looking forward to meeting more of the Codecademy community and answering all of your questions.

Comment below with your best professional boast and you’ll be entered to win a free consultation with me!

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My name is Haris Iftikhar and a fun fact about me is that I love challenging myself in doing random tasks, like learning how to solve the rubix cube, learning chess, doing standup, etc.
I’m proud to say that I’ve completed more than 60+ courses on Coursera and other learning platforms like Codecademy.
In the future, I hope to become financially independent.

My name is Emily, and a fun fact about me is that I run and moderate 5 different online book clubs.
One of my skills is clearly explaining complicated concepts in a way that non-technical people can understand. I’ve been working as a tutor as I study for my career transition, and I’m proud to say that my average student rating is 5/5 stars.
In the future, I am planning to finish my bootcamp and complete my transition into Data Science.

I am fortunate to serve a school excellent music education via ukulele classes.

Hi my name is Yash Kumar and my boast fact is that I love to live on the edge, that’s what the people around me fear living on the edge I mean not just doing edge of mountains, but doing some big tasks at the very edge of time or mentally challenges. I’m proud of the work I’ve done for the Environment with the help of AI and not for any money.
I love Gaming and Photography. In the future, I want to have mental, physical, financial, hierarchical, and social power Freedom.

Hi my name is Randy.
Fun fact about me is I can draw DragonBallZ characters free hand.
Im proud to say I advocated for myself when looking for a higher salary and job title and landed the job i have today.
In the future I hope to take on a role, whether professionally or otherwise, helping people with their mental health.