Official Community Event: 2 Weeks to Your Goals

  1. I’m learning Python: Sorting Lists
  2. Feeling 4 at the most because it’s too warm for my liking. Which is also why I joined, otherwise I would just skip until it gets cooler. Which is not really an option!

  1. I’m on Full Stack Engineer Path and working through the React lessons in Part 3, Front End.

  2. I’m feeling tired but energised by the session we just had. I’d give myself a 7 out of ten for energised-ness right now.

  3. Not sure how to include a screenshot of the Passing Thoughts React project (which isn’t going too well tbh. It’s showing as a link below so fingers crossed.

Good to see you all in the event just now.

Good luck to everyone


PS: Hello to Shoaib who jumped in right at the end. Sorry we got cut off just as we were saying goodbye.

PPS: one of my goals is to change my username/handle/nick from whydohumanscallmecraphead which is plainly too long for Codecademy to cope with to something more approachable. … Like maybe Sam McNair


I just figured out your goal, how to change name here :rofl:

  1. Today I will be reviewing what I’ve learned in PowerShell so far and start going over the next section (operator precedence). I am a beginner, but forever curious about how things work. After scripting I might move onto Python; not sure yet :tea:.
  2. I am feeling good today; have my notes set up on my laptop, so I’m ready to go (8 out of 10).


Yeah. Can’t be that hard. After all, I’ve already done it once…

Today i’m learning about MongoDB! I’m hoping to create Jamming App using MongoDB. Might through some Auth0 in it. Right now i’m making it in TypeScript.

I’m at 3 since it’s monday :joy:

  1. Doing Intro to Flutter today
  2. 6 - missed the check-in event due to sudden work meetings, but ready for this


This evening I am working on more of the function lessons for JavaScript. I guess I will do some practice concepts.
I’m feeling pretty good about putting in another week towards my goals. I would say about a 9. My only concern is that I may forget to come to the forum to check in. (Yikes!)

  1. Today I wrapped up JavaScript Syntax Pt. 1.

  2. Today was a 5 - I didn’t get much sleep and had trouble focusing, but otherwise I was engaged and wanted to do the work.

  3. Screenshot:

  1. Today I’m working on the basics and learning how to use the command line.
  2. Sitting at a 6 today, but that’s from all the travel over the weekend.

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  1. Well, I did it, signed up for the SQL intro course…gotta start the streak somewhere/
  2. It’s late, and I am tired but fired up.
  3. Just starting…now…tonight.
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I’m learning : TypeScript
Feeling: 4🤧-- ( Its not that complicated but complex😂)


I have finished the credit card checker project and
It was a challenging task but I made it,
I’m feeling good about myself.


Today I am learning about grid systems
Feeling: 4 didn’t sleep too well but when I wake up hopefully my mood will get a bit better


Wishing you the best of luck

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Today I am doing a small project after learning how to implement modules in browser runtime environment.

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Day two, let’s do this again…

  1. I just started working on Classes … again I’m learning Swift. Big goal is to create an app by the end of this year.

  2. I’m feeling pretty good. Thing are making sense. I’m going to try and tackle a few classes today. I always do one to three modules or one coding exercise. this is the start of Classes so I will try to do a little more today.

Wow what language are you learning? That’s pretty amazing. pat yourself in the back!!!

good job! keep it up

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Good morning from NYC everyone! This is your daily reminder to drop by and check-in at some point today.