[Official Challenge] Word Game

Hi everyone! Codecademy will be releasing a few challenges and polls over the next few weeks and we’d love it if you all got involved.

Below is a challenge made by @stevencopeland who is running this month’s challenge. He’s a super user here in the forums; anyone can become a super user here by being a generally awesome community member.

If you have any other great ideas for challenges, or any other helpful suggestions, private message myself or one of the CC moderators (@alexcraig).

Coding Challenge - Word Game

Hey everyone! My name is Steven and for the next month, a coding challenge will be run. It starts today, and ends June 17. Be sure to allow up to 2 weeks for judging once the challenge ends.

The Challenge

The challenge is to create an interactive word game(such as Zork, with a story and at least 35 different rooms. The challenge will vary on different levels of difficulty. The theme for the game is Darkness. The theme can be incorporated in any shape, place, or form that you want.

Beginner Challenge

  • This challenge will not win the first place award. If you submit a valid entry, you will get the badge for a valid entry
  • Crate an interactive word game with at least 15 different rooms/choice places.
  • Word game does not have to have an addition plot line/back story

Intermediate Challenge

  • This challenge will not win the first place award. If you submit a valid entry, you will get the badge for a valid entry
  • Create an interactive word game with at least 35 different rooms/choice places.
  • Word game must have a plot the character follows

Pro Challenge

  • This is the only challenge that will be awarded the first place award.
  • Create a interactive word game with at least 50 different rooms/choices places.
  • Word game must have a complete back story/plot line


There will be one badge for the top entry in the challenge. Every other valid entry will receive a participation award. These badges will be awarded courtesy of @alyssavigil, and will be given approximately two weeks after the end date of the challenge.
Note: To submit a valid entry, you must fulfill all the basic requirements

Submitting your entry

Before submitting your entry, be sure it fulfills all these requirements

  • Able to be run on repl.it
  • Fulfills the basic requirements for the group you are in
  • Does not include any content that could be deemed inappropriate or vulgar
  • Isn’t stolen from the internet
  • And includes your name(or the name you wish to be called by, you don’t have to tell your real name), codecademy username, and challenge group you are in
  • People are encouraged to post the link to their repl.it code, so that other people can view your entries.

To submit your entry, you can either DM me the link to your code or your actual code, or you can post a link to your code or the actual code in the topic. If you post your submission in the topic, be sure to state clearly that this is a submission for the contest.
Remember to include/obey all the above information.


  1. Games/plot lines are not allowed to be taken from the internet. They must be of your own creation
  2. You must enter in your name in the information. You aren’t allowed to submit an entry under someone else’s name
  3. You cannot steal from other people’s entries. If the person happens to ask a question about their project, you can’t copy their code and put it in your game.
  4. Your project may not contain any content that could be deemed inappropriate or vulgar such as swear words, nudity, or sexual content
  5. If you collaborated with someone, be sure to include their information along with yours. Such as:
// In  script.js
Codecademy Username: Jones1 & Schmidt3, 
Challenge Group: Pro
  1. The theme may be Incorporated in any way as long as it is
  2. You may not use any libraries or packages

DM me if you have Questions, Comments, or Concerns and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Good luck, obey the rules, and have fun!

Can it be on any supported language/ framework on Repl.it?
Like Pygame OR JavaScript?


ooh should of specified that. I’ll edit the post, but no. No libraries/packages are allowed to be used while participating in this challenge.


So can I use C# or python (in a console format)?


Yup. As long as it runs on repl.it


To make you all a bit more anxious.
I am participating. :nauseated_face:

So good luck to you all.


Only 2 weeks left!! Can’t wait to see you guy’s entries :eyes:


Hmm… three weeks late… but sure, what the heck, let’s see what I can bash out in 2 weeks… :rofl:


Only 1 week left!!! Can’t wait to see what you guys have cooked up in the last month! Except @thepitycoder, I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve created in the last week :stuck_out_tongue:


…so far the bulk of my time has gone on building the map.

Just tidying up the engine now.


Pro challenge:
Game: https://codepen.io/biirra/pen/rEeMzr
Source: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qrsowvbjvxgru60/AAAl3pMCPqc4COkRQUe0NYzya?dl=0


Hey!!! First entry submitted for the challenge!


So technically the challenge is over, but I’m going to extend it until 12:00 AM EST tonight. That’s about 10 hours from now. The contest will no longer except entries after then.