Off Platform Project


I have completed the Python 3 course, but I can’t get 100% completion overall, because in the exercises that are marked as Informational(Off Platform Project) such as Reggie’s Linear Regression, I don’t know what to do once we have completed the exercise.

I tried the various buttons in the page, but those doesn’t seem to register the progress in the overall syllabus.

Please advise

thanks in advance!



It should be that once you click the yellow “Next” button in the very bottom right corner of the informational that will mark the project as completed on the syllabus (and you should see the “Well done, you just completed functions” animation, can you confirm that this doesn’t work for you? Perhaps try moving on to the next article from the bottom that pops up on the next page then revisit the syllabus and see if that’s done it?

Happy coding!


Got it! I didnt revisit that page once i finished apparently, thanks!

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