Off Platform Project: The Best Of Baseball Awards

Good Day!

I’ve been trying to figure this one out, but can’t seem to proceed further. So I was able to use the SQL File that I downloaded for the Off Platform Project: The Best Of Baseball Awards, but I’m getting this error and I can’t locate here in line 688 the problem. Can someone help me out with this one? Here’s the screenshot of the error in PGAdmin 4.

there’s a syntax error…in the column names(?) Is there a stray character or something?

I’m still new with SQL, so I’m not that sure but can this be the cause of the error? In line 761 where the Year data was not indented or alligned?


Ah, ha. I bet that’s it. I think someone else had this issue or a similar one. There might be a thread on the forums about it…

I think that’s Mel Ott from the NY Giants. :slight_smile: :baseball:

I wonder if you can add two more characters to his name, so it will then align. “ottmelv01”
you could submit a bug report and maybe the curriculum team could fix it so his name is 6-7 letters. It’s a thought…

Gotcha! I’ll try to play with this data and see if it will fix the error. If not, I’ll create a report for it. Thank you for that!


Any success?! I am using PG ADMIN 4 as well and get a ‘syntax error’ on the first player…line 688.

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