Off-Platform Project: Tea Cozy (My solution)

Hello folks, so, while working on my project, I had a few doubts, of course. I noticed there weren’t many posts about this project here. So, I decided to share my solution in case anyone else encounters questions during the project or needs to see another way of solving it (mine is not the only correct one, there are several). I hope this helps.

Here’s the link to the git: GitHub - VanillaFlavour/Off-Platform-Project-Tea-Cozy: This project was created as an assignment for the Codecademy Full-Stack course with the idea of studying Flexbox. All the code was crafted entirely by me from scratch. The course only provided the images and design specifications.

Here’s the link to the live project: Document

If you find any errors, please let me know and suggest improvements.

Hello Vanillaflavour,

I am on my journey to learn to review code, so as I came across to your post, I decided to help a bit with some changes.

I forked your project on Github and made some simple changes, you can review them and accept them if you like them.

You can see the compared branches here: Comparing VanillaFlavour:main...yurith-rubio:main · VanillaFlavour/Off-Platform-Project-Tea-Cozy · GitHub

In your project I saw that you have a menu at the top left was not working and also that one menu name did not match wih your section name. So the changes I made:

  • I added a name to your # tags on the menu, linking the corresponding section id.
  • I changed one of your menu names to match your section.

Apart from this, some suggestions I would recommend:

  • Make the page responsive (meaning that you can see it on mobile as well without proper CSS.
  • Add an h1 tag
  • Bigger h2 tags
  • No need of h3, h4 tags, you can keep the locations content between p tags (so, read a bit about how to use the heading tags)

That is it, I hope my changes help a bit.


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Hello Yurith. Thank you very much for the tips and forking my git project. You’re doing well in reviewing codes, no doubt hahahahs. Now i’m learning about responsive pages hahahsahuisa.

Well, I agree with you about the H1, H2, and P tags. I just didn’t modify those little formatting aspects because I followed what the Full-Stack course had instructed in the proposed activity. The task was to develop the site with the following design specs:

Once again, thank you very much for the help, and let’s keep in touch.