Off-Platform Project: Reggie's Linear Regression - jupyter notebook not launching

I’m going through the project “Reggie’s Linear Regression” in the Python Course.

I have installed Anaconda.
Installed the zip file for the project.

I navigate to it in my mac Terminal but when I then type “jupyter notebook” as asked; nothing happens.

This is what I did

Last login: Fri Sep  4 11:28:30 on ttys001
(base) MacBook-Pro-de-xxx:~ xxx$ cd /Users/xxx/Documents/Side_Projects/Python/Reggie's+Linear+Regression
> jupyter-notebook
> jupyter notebook
> jupyter notebook

Any idea what’s causing this?

Thank you

Try capitalizing Jupyter Notebook and see if that launches it.


Thanks but it’s not working either…

And you installed it using these directions, right?

Did you see this thread?

What OS do you have? Catalina? b/c if it’s Catalina, those instructions are outdated…

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If it’s Catalina, then there are going to be issues b/c it doesn’t use bash, but zsh (unix based scripting shell)

There’s also a discussion of it here:

I followed these instructions and it finally worked on my mac:

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Hi, I have Sierra still. I have installed Python 3.8 with the Mac installer from the official website

And you downloaded Jupyter using pip or conda per those instructions linked above?

It looks like the issue is with using a ' quote symbol without escaping it. This symbol would have a special meaning to your shell so you can’t use it in the way you have. You could wrap the entire thing in " " marks or use backslash to escape the ' quote. For example abc\'def would be interpreted as abc'def

Depending on your terminal settings it may not show up but the colour scheme on the forums shows the difference. Those additional lines are just part of a long quote since the shell is awaiting an extra ' to finish that quote.

If you escape this string correctly you could correctly change to the given directory and then invoke jupyter notebook which should then run if it has been installed and is active in the current environment.

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