Off-Platform Project: Reggie's Linear Regression Help, please

I am about new to Python but this project just slaps me in the face with a lot of steps. After installing jupyter notebook with the code conda install jupyter, I am stuck with another issue. How can I launch this project? Please explain to me! I am a newbie to the coding world and this just makes me want to give up.

Here’s how I do it:

Open Jupiter Notebook
let it run for a moment
then a page should open in the browser by itself, maybe in Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox (it may take a minute for this to happen)
then use that webpage to navigate to the appropriate file

Hi, thank you for sharing. Can you explain it how can I open Jupiter Notebook?

  • To launch Jupyter Notebook, in the command prompt/ terminal window, type, “jupyter notebook”.

  • That should activate a browser window tab that shows your computer files and folders

  • navigate to the file folder (it looks like you saved it in the “downloads” folder) where the notebook/.ipynb file is and open it.

Thank you, Lisa! After spending the whole night, I did it :))

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