Off-Platform Project: Machine Translation

I’m working on the machine learning off-platform project and according to the instructions, (“When your computer finishes the full process, you’ll see the translations appear.”) translations should appear in the terminal? But the last line of code I’m getting is this -> Epoch 90/90

80/80 [==============================] - 106s 1s/step - loss: 0.0269 - accuracy: 0.2457 - val_loss: 1.2907 - val_accuracy: 0.1627

There is no sign of any result translations so what should I do to proceed?

What should we make of the error or the code? This really is out of the blue…

It says I should be expecting some translations as a result and based on the code written:
for seq_index in range(100):
test_input = encoder_input_data[seq_index: seq_index + 1]
decoded_sentence = decode_sequence(test_input)

print(‘Input sentence:’, input_docs[seq_index])
print(‘Decoded sentence:’, decoded_sentence), something like this should be printed. But somehow it ended after running the code for a few hours without a definite result printed. Is this how it normally ends? Is there anything I can do to make the translations show up? Sorry it’s my first time learning and doing this.

As we said, this is out of the blue. What can we possibly help with? Are we a guru farm?

It seems like the issue is that you were expecting to have a sentence translated. It’s actually a bonus task given to us. " * Add in a step to convert new text into a NumPy matrix so that you can translate new sentences that aren’t in the dataset. (This may also require handling unknown tokens.)"