Off Platform Project Frida Kahlo

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I’m working on the off platform project Frida Kahlo in jupyter notebook and I’m getting some very wonky outputs. I think it has something to do with the way jupyter notebook is processing my code but as I am new to jupyter notebook I don’t know how to correct it. I’ve uploaded some screenshots for reference. As of right now, it’s outputting some text that I haven’t even typed in yet. Any help would be appreciated!


Not sure what the specific issue is as I haven’t done this particular project, but in Jupyter notebook the [25] tells you when that was run, so [1] is first, [2] is second etc, so the fact task 3 is [25] might mean your workspace has ended up being polluted. You can reset this by doing Ctrl + S to save, then going to ‘Kernel’ and then ‘Restart and Clear Outputs’ and hitting yes. This should keep your code (if you saved first) but delete all the outputs thus allowing you to work with a clear workspace.

Thanks Adam. Any idea how this might have happened? I figured it was something along those lines but couldn’t figure out how to fix this. I will give that try, thanks again!

I don’t see the wonky outputs you’re referring to. ?

See where it says “Not trusted” in the upper right? click on that so it says “Trusted.” as well.
Like Adam mentioned, save your work and then restart the kernals.

The wonky output is the extremely long list including output that was never inputted in the second screenshot. The broken column, the wounded deer, and me and my doll have not been inserted into the code yet and they are being outputted 9 times.

Ah, sorry. I couldn’t really tell in the screenshot.

Were you able to resolve this?
I did the project in Colab, so, I can’t speak to any issues with Jupyter.

There are various ups and downs to working in Jupyter Notebook, perhaps one of the biggest for others is that you can’t see the full history of executed commands. As @adamgaffney96 mentioned above the chances are is that in one or more of the commands above that are note observable has caused the problem. From the visible text there’s little to no chance of your issue occurring (e.g. I could not reproduce your error by copying the commands I can see). As for a fix, just follow the given guidance on clearing outputs and resetting the kernel.

In an interactive programming environment it can be very hard for you and others to keep track of the current names and objects available in your code. If you’ve got the time this video covers some of the issues that can arise from notebook use/abuse (start at 3:00, this particular issue is covered early on)- I don't like notebooks.- Joel Grus (Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence) - YouTube

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