Off-Platform Project Frida Kahlo

Hi all,
I hope this question has not been asked a million times before, but I cannot seem to find the answer. I am working on the Off-Platform Challenge Project Frida Kahlo.
I am able to go through almost all steps, but in the end there is one element I am having trouble getting right. Any help is much appreciated.

I’m supposed to create a list that is made of many zipped lists. as part of the challenge I needed to assign a number to each element in the list without a clear end of the list I used the following line for that:

audio_tour_number = range(1, len(list(paintings)), 1)

this works just fine, if I am okay with always loosing the last element of my master list. I tried to fix it like this:

audio_tour_number = range(1, (len(list(paintings) +1), 1)

This returns my least favorite error (SyntaxError)

What am I missing?

I hope everyone has a great day! oh and happy coding!

Try closing up your len and see if that helps.

# see how I put a parenthesis after the parenthesis ending paintings?
audio_tour_number = range(1, (len(list(paintings)) +1), 1)

cheers, that was actually the problem!

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