Off Platform Project: Dasamoto's Arts & Crafts Code Review

Hi all. I’m Chris and I’m from South Wales. I’m currently 7% through the Front End career path. I’ve recently completed the Dasamoto’s Arts and Crafts project and was wondering if anyone could give feedback on the code. This is the first project I’ve done with just a spec so am a bit nervous at the results.

Repo: GitHub - cfphillips89/DasamotoCodecademyProj: One of the first off platform projects I've done whilst learning on Codecademy. A simple website for a fictional paint supplies company, build with simple HTML and CSS
Final version: Dasamoto's Arts & Crafts

It looks great, well done :clap:!

The only thing I would note is that the header image isn’t displayed on the GH Pages deployment:

(spec for comparison)

Hmm, I’ll have a skim over and see if I can sort that out.
Thanks for taking the time to look over the code and give feedback, much appreciated :grinning:

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