Ochordle - The Eight-Letter Wordle Knock-Off

Here’s a link to my blog post with a GitHub link and a photo of my game.

I don’t get this game lol, I tried playing it but am obviously not 8 letter word savvy! I liked the code, how you didnt reuse code kept it DRY and had everything well organized, in classes and with comments! Really excellent work! I am terrible at commenting but really appreciate it when it is there. There is one thing I don’t understand how it works, it is really bothering me.

from datetime import date
todays_date = str(date.today())

This code is confusing, how does this work?

/var/folders/8p/d_tr921n6v355lnj_g9dfbpm0000gn/T/ipykernel_6670/2838742110.py in days_past(self)
     18     def days_past(self):  # equation that calculates the amount of days past jan 1st
---> 19         todays_date = str(date.today())
     20         month = todays_date[5:7]
     21         if month[0] == "0":

TypeError: 'str' object is not callable

I would have done something like this:

from datetime import date

jan_1st = date(2023, 1, 1)
todays_date = date.today()
delta = todays_date - jan_1st
>>> 205

It’s weird because the program runs but I keep getting that error. idk.
Other than that Great job, And thanks for making a game that I can’t win no matter how hard I try, lol.