Objects: Meal Maker

I am just a bit confused with the Meal Maker activity.

In the step by step guide,
it tells us to create multiple getters and setters…(with nothing inside it)
and I don’t see how it’s being used…

Since adding the dish, it just tells us to use
menu.addDishToCourse('appetizers', 'Caesar Salad', 4.25);

and when generating the meal (our final output)
it just uses console.log(menu.generateRandomMeal());

Please kindly clarify if possible.


Sadly, the setters are not being used.

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Which specific part are you confused with?

The point of the Meal Maker activity, to me, is to …

understand javascript objects
practicing getters and setters ( " Why? Getters and setters allow you to easily insert and retrieve data out of an object." )
and create methods to use with said object.

Let me know if this gives you a better understanding of this activity. I would love to help any way I can.

Ah no, I was just wondering because
In the hints section, they leave the getter and setter…empty with nothing
So I didn’t get what the purpose of it was for haha.
They didn’t have any steps that said call the getter or setter methods…
So I was confused with why they even put the step of creating an “empty” getter and setter in.

The next activity was more straightforward as it actually used the getter.

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The getters are not implemented in the walk-through. That’s left up to us. We’ve left a hundred clues as to how to make them work. The rest is up to the reader to read on.


Ahh Gotcha.

Sometimes those hints are just to get your brain moving. I kind of like it like that because not only are you learning how to read the syntax, you are critically thinking about the logic that makes each method.

I understand what you mean though.

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