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I'm not stuck... just have a question. When we create a class, we put "object" in parenthesis. Does that mean we are inheriting from a class named, "object" that is built in to Python? If so, what does the code for that parent class look like? What does it do?

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One can poke around a bit in python's code..

Clone the repository

$ hg clone https://hg.python.org/cpython
$ hg checkout 2.7

Then search for "object", I figure it needs to be named, so it should be in a string

$ ack '"object"'
2707:    SETBUILTIN("object",                &PyBaseObject_Type);

That gives me a variable name, PyBaseObject_Type

Find out where that variable was defined:

$ ack PyBaseObject_Type
3489:PyTypeObject PyBaseObject_Type = {

So there's a filename and a line number. All that remains is to open up that file and have a look.

Figure out which commit I've been searching in:

$ hg log --branch 2.7 --limit 1
changeset:   102543:09475e6135d0

Add that commit to the url of the repository where you can browse those files
From there you can navigate to Objects/typeobject.c, line 3489
As you'll find, it's just a list of attributes, most defined elsewhere. You can find them by searching for text in the repository, like I did above.


Whoa, that's cool. Thank you.


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