Object-oriented programming

Hello, World!
The first topic - acquaintance with Java, I went perfectly, but in object-oriented programming, I drowned and do not understand anything.
Help me to understand

I personally am very happy i didn’t pick Java as my first language. I usually advice people to not pick Java as there first language either

anyway, there are so many blog post, articles and so forth on Java, i recommend to read those. Then ask specific questions on the forum. This way, you get the best of both worlds. Writing an explanation which explains OOP completely is very time consuming

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You know it’s funny you should say this, as I’ve read that Java will no longer be the first language taught in US computer science curriculums. Might just prove that it’s not an ideal first language.

@chipninja84537 I’d advise reading about OOP as a concept, not Java OOP specifically, just OOP.

It can be difficult to grasp at first, but once you’ll understand the fundamentals, it should be easier to go back to Java then.

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