Object-Oriented Programming(Create a Game Using Classes and Objects)

Hi, Currently i am truing to make a small Casino game please check my game and lets help me how to finish it to work ?
Many thanks

class Player:

def init(self, name, deposit, bet_amount, choose_number):
self.name = name
self.deposit = deposit
self.bet_amount = bet_amount
self.choose_number = choose_number
self.account_remaining =

def random_number(self, random_number):
self.random_number.random(1, 5)

def repr(self):

if self.player_one_choose_number == random_number:
  self.moneys = player_one_bet_amount * 2
  print("Great you won {moneys}, Your acoount ballance is {remaining}".format(moneys=self.moneys, remaining=self.remaining))
  self.moneys -= player_one_bet_amount 
  print("Sorry but you coud not guess the random number between 1 to 5")

player_one_name = input("Welcome to the world of Cazino. Please enter a name and hit enter. ")
player_one_deposit = input("Please make any deposit you would like to start with. ")
player_one_bet_amount = input("Hi, " + str(player_one_name) + "! Welcome! Let’s find your luck today. If you can guess the numbers from 1 to 5, you have a chance double your betting money! Please enter your BET AMOUNT. ")
player_one_choose_number = input("Please choose the number between 1 to 5! ")

You have some typos

the last . should be =
Any you have a typo here: seld and appned

You also have self.remaining instead of self.account_remaining in the .format arguments.

I don’t understand why you have some of these variables:
self.deposit ,
self.moneys ,
self.account_remaining ,
self.remaining ,
All of them seem to represent the same number - the player’s balance

Also, you didn’t create a player object in your code.

something like:

player_one = Player(player_one_name, int(player_one_deposit), int(player_one_bet_amount), int(player_one_choose_number))

Notice the use of int( ) to change strings to integers.

And you seem to be using .append on variables that hold numbers, not lists.
I think you intended to add to the player’s balance or subtract from the player’s balance on the lines where you have append. But you can’t use append to do that.

Your repr method should probably be play or something like that, (because repr is usually used to produce a representation of the object)
and you’d call that play method using
or something similar.