Object or Function? Or method?


Hey guys, I'm a little confused about when I would use an object versus using a function. For example, in the instructions for this exercise the first line says "01. Write a person constructor called Person that has two properties.."
But from my notes I could use a function constructor or an object constructor, so how do I know which to use? It turns out that this exercise requires a function but I'm not sure why, actually I would think that Persons would be Objects because they are things, but I guess I can see how they can be functions because they also do things..I'm probably causing at least one person reading this to laugh hysterically right now but I'd really appreciate any help with this because I am truly enjoying this course and wuld like to continue. Thank you.


A constructor is a function that initializes objects.

So if you're asked to write a constructor, then yes, you would be writing a function.

Yes, a person would be an object, a function is also an object, one that is callable.

> (function() {}) instanceof Object