Object in an Array


Please, help to find the mistake

Help I don't know what I am doing wrong!

Do you think you could tell me which lesson you're on? It's time consuming to comb through all of the lessons to find the lesson that you're referring to.


Arrays and Objects in JS. Lesson 14. Heterogeneous Arrays:


"Create an array, myArray. Its first element should be a number, its second should be a Boolean, its third should be a string, and its fourth should be... an object! You can add as many elements of any type as you like after these first four."

A number: 0-9
A Boolean: true || false
A String: "example"
an Object: myObj = new Object()

Arrays and Objects in JS. Lesson 15: Multidimensional arrays:


Make an array called newArray. It should be 2D (that is, it should contain two elements that, in turn, are arrays) and jagged (those two arrays should be of different lengths, like in the example above).

The ultimate kicker? Make one of your inner arrays contain an object!

It doesn't say to "console.log" your statement, and that's where you're getting your error. I hope this helps. :+1:

I believe this is the lesson you're on, but just to be safe I'm adding the previous lesson as well.