Object adding property to subordinate object

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while doing the js Modules lessons, I came to a point where I should manually add a property to an object’s object. So my question refers to objects, not the modules the lesssion is actually about.

Lets go directly to the case:

let availableAirplanes = [
{ name: 'AeroJet',
  fuelCapacity: 800
{ name: 'SkyJet',
 fuelCapacity: 500

According to the solution I should just add a property to the first array (thus object, right?) Element. If every plane would have a name and the capacity as a property, the case would be clear to me:

let availableAirplanes = [
aeroJet = {
   name: 'AeroJet',
   fuelCapacity: 800

Then I could just add a property like availableAirplanes.aeroJet.newProperty = 10; . Which resulted in { aeroJet = { name: 'AeroJet', fuelCapacity: 800 }
This isn’t the case above, as I have no idea to address the first entry and add a property.
Here is where you hopefully come in place :smiley:

please help me out on this question.

Since they’re in an array you could look up what operations are available for that data type

HI, thanks for your hint.

of course that was the first source I browsed through, however a kind of availableAirplanes[0].newProperty=10 did not lead to success either…

Generally if something is “not working” you need to not stop there and instead consider what’s different which will typically tell you a lot about what needs to be changed.

Seems like what you want to do is:

So you’d figure out how to 1) obtain first value of an array 2) add a property to an object
You seem to already have that information

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Yeah you were right, thanks a lot @ionatan ! :blush:
I messed around with .push and stuff… but then
availableAirplanes[0].newProp = 'something' made it.