Objcts 12!


I am using the object constructor to create objects but I don't know whats wrong.
can anyone help or debugg? Thanks in advance


You're not following the pattern/syntax shown in the example.

Type in the exact example to begin with if you aren't seeing the differences.
Then change it piece by piece until you've got the same thing. Run it often. When you get an error after a change you know what you did wrong.


I am following the example of the object constructor if you take a closer look:


Well you weren't.

Your indentation is rather confusing now, it doesn't matter to the interpreter but certainly doesn't help the reader.

Space is not allowed in names/properties.


I took away the space but still not getting it

var object1 = new object();
object1.age = 19;
object1.relationship status= "single";
object1.skills= "JavaScript";

var object2= new object();
object2.age= 12;
object2.number= 1738;

var object3 = new object();
object3.Love = "Jesus";
object3.Best = "plantain";
object3.word = "possible";


Maybe there are more of them.


var object = new object();
object.age = 19;
object1.relationshipStatus = "single";
object1.skills = "JS & Ruby";


captilze the o in OBject();


Be careful about the punctuation you used.

var object1= new object();
object1.age =19,
object1.relationship status = "single",
object.skills = "JavaScript";