(Obi wan voice) Hello there! Career change in progress!

Hi All,

Just wanted to give a quick hello and introduce myself. I currently work in mental health but have always had an interest in web & app design. I just love tech! COVID has finally been the kick in the bum I needed to get the ball rolling. I have been studying with Team Treehouse for awhile but came over to Codecademy last month. Today marks Day 1 for me for the 30 day challenge!

Looking forward to getting to know you



Welcome to the community @tokyolamberth!


hi @tokyolamberth, how is it going with your 30-day challenge?!

Awesome! I work in career counseling and also have a passion and love for tech so decided to explore it further! Currently on day 12 of 30 for the 30 day challenge. Working on primarily HTML and CSS. What have you been studying and working on?

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