O que tem errado ?/ whatts wrong my code?


// Write your jQuery code on line 3!
$(document).ready(function() {
var $target = $ ( 'ol li : nth-child (4)');
$ $target.fadeOut('fast');


Hi @ranfler,

Please post a link to the exercise you're on so we can help you :slight_smile:

Try removing the first dollar sign ($) on line 4.


Ola o link esse é "Funções e Seletores em jQuery" exercicio 03 , ja tentei todas formas de chamar o quarto filho da lista ordenada , mais sempre a erro


@ranfler Remove the spaces on line 3, and the one between the $ and (...) on line 2.

The computer won't understand what you're trying to tell it to do if you interject spaces where it's not expecting them.

Could you please post a link to the exercise you're on?


Opa tranquilo , obrigado !
conseguir resolver :smiley:


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