NYC Home project Blog - Project <embed> element under the closing </video>


Create an <embed> element under the closing </video> tag. Use the following URL as the src

This is what I have up to step #14. How do I use the Embed element for the link above under the closing tag??

This is what I have so far :

Hi! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forums!

It seems like your post didn’t come out properly formatted, for code you want to press </> and paste into that section.

As for the exercise, I think they just mean this?

<embed src="some_url">

Thanks… I think that should help. I think I completed the NYC Home Project Blog. How or where can I post the entire code from this exercise for someone to review and give me any suggestions or things I may have missed??


You can upload to your github and then link it here asking for feedback!

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