NYC Codecademy Chapter Event: Crash Course on HTML-CSS [Jan 22]

About this event

Don’t get stuck in tutorial purgatory! How many times are you going to re-learn the same lessons over and over again? It’s time to sit down, let go of the deadweight and grab the next rung on the ladder. We are going to do away with the details and technicalities and focus on what works and how to put it together to make it work for us.

Should You Attend This Event?


  • You are new to HTML and/or CSS
  • You know a little about HTML and/or CSS but want to learn more
  • You are struggling to “put it all together” and work on your own projects
  • You want to review the fundamentals


  • You are already well-versed in HTML and CSS
  • You don’t need any help with HTML or CSS
  • You are looking for more advanced topics like JavaScript, Front-end Frameworks, etc.


Is this hosted by Codecademy?

No. Codecademy chapters are lead and organized by the community. We are learners just like you that want to meet others and have a good time coding together!

Will you review everyone’s projects?

No. This is a 1 hour event and we will only have time to go through the event’s presentation.

Will the presentation slides be available after the event?

Yes. I’ll share the link to the slides on our Discord server.

I can’t make it but I am interested. What now?

Go to the NYC Chapter page and join the Discord community! We’ll keep everyone updated on upcoming events.

What happens if I RSVP for the event but I can’t attend?

Don’t worry. Attendance is free and voluntary.

RSVP for the event!

TIME: 15:00 (3PM) NYC time zone (EST)
DATE: January 22nd, 2021 (Friday)
LINK: Crash & Build Series [part 1]: Go from zero to ready with this crash course on HTML and CSS!


Hooray!! Come join us!!! :woman_technologist:t2::man_technologist:t2:

There will be snacks.
(Just kidding. It’s a virtual event.)


Going live in less than 24 hours! So exciting to see you all there. We have 60 RSVPs so far!

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This session isn’t just applicable to developers; it’s also relevant to data people. How you might ask? :thinking:

Well, if you’re building a web scraper, you have to understand how a webpage is structured (DOM) and how to access the elements or data you wish to retrieve from the webpage. The same is true if you’re using a website’s API key to grab data from their site (after reading the site’s rules on accessing and using their data).

Come join us! :smiley:

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