Nurse Informatics

Hello! I’m a Registered Nurse with experience in ER/Trauma and surgery. I’m currently enrolling in nursing informatics to advance my degree. I asked a colleague with experience in this area about things I should learn prior to enrolling. She stated that I should learn basic coding. It will apparently help me work with developers who are trying to make new electronic charting systems for hospitals. Does anyone know where I should begin? I’m computer savvy but do not know much about coding. Please help me!

I would start with python. It is simple and easy to use.

Learning a new skill is always good. Inevitably as you learn to code you will learn how to model problems and develop solutions. You will most certainly think of some sort of repetitive thing you do in nursing that a program could do instead. If you are interested in coding or programming GO FOR IT! You can do it, it will be fun.

Any developer worth their salt won’t need their clients to have technical knowledge. That’s silly. Your plumber doesn’t need you to know about plumbing. Your Mechanic doesn’t need you to know about your transmission. Your developer won’t need you to know about programming to give you a solution. Learning some basic code isn’t going to “help” you with developers. It’s not as if they will be charmed by your basic knowledge, or that you will give them some sort of revelation. You have all the expertise you need to get a great product out of a developer, via your experience in your own field.
So don’t learn coding if it’s just to “help” devs. That’s ridiculous!

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