Nurse here


I am a Registered Nurse and recently decided to expand my knowledge into the IT field. My love for technology started right after high school when I landed an internship in the local hospital’s Information Services department. It is something I had always wanted to do, but I also wanted involvement with patients and healthcare. That was way back in 2001 and I never thought I could work in both fields. That was until I discovered that nurses are recruited into healthcare IT. We even have a Master’s degree called Nursing Informatics.

I wanted to go the informatics route, but the curricula are somewhat lacking. They teach what information we are getting and why it is beneficial, but they do not explain how to get it. So, I have decided to enroll into the CodeCademy and go the Data Science path.

It would be great if I could land a job with a degree in nursing and some coding skills. However, I also think it would be a great tool to have while studying for Nursing Informatics. I would love to hear from anyone else in the healthcare field. Has this helped at all? What are the job prospects?

I believe the Epic Electronic Health Record is built with a programming language called MUMPS(or M) and SQL. Anyone have experience with it?


So do you want a degree in coding too? I’m sorta confused that is why i"m asking. Codecademy gets you off to a great start, and you can learn a lot, but doesn’t have everything yet.


I’m not interested in a degree in coding. Is that available? Maybe I should check out some schools in my area to see if they have anything like that. I meant I would like to see if I can get a job with just my nursing degree. A position such as an informatics nurse or even a developer at a software company that works on Electronic Health Record software. I mentioned Epic and I believe they have the leading EHR in hospital systems.

So, I want to work on coding skills in my free time. I’m not interested in a degree. I would, however, be interested in working on a Master’s in Nursing Informatics in the future, but I want to see if I can get a job in the field before working on it.


I’m really kind of open about which direction my career goes in. I’m not dead set on anything specific. I think my preference would be something within a hospital system and I think Nursing Informatics is the best option for that. I’m open to anything though. It would be interesting to see if EHR companies hire healthcare professionals. I think there are some translation problems between what the creators think we need and what the healthcare team actually needs.


Well, you can learn the basics here on Codecademy by being a free member, and learn additionally with Pro and Pro intensives.