Numpy in Jupyter not found

Hi there! I’m having trouble getting numpy to load into the jupyter environment (Analyze Financial Data with Python). Numpy has been installed via the terminal however doesn’t seem accessible via jupyter???

Can anyone offer any suggestions please?

There’s information that you’ve left out in your initial question that is needed to fix the issue. Also, if you search the forums here, you’ll find many threads on the very same topic posted by other Mac (and Windows) users. That said…

  • what OS do you have?
  • where did you install it?
  • how did you install it? pip? Conda?
  • how did you install Jupyter? Using Anaconda?

I’m guessing that you’ve installed it in your global python environment, and if that’s the case you cannot use NumPy in another (virtual) environment.

Also, rather than using Jupyter, you could solve this by using Google Colab. It’s based on Jupyter–looks similar with code and tex markdown cells but is cloud-based. Colab is an app that you add to your google drive. In Drive, click on “new”, then add the app. If it doesn’t appear in the dropdown, then select “more”

This might help too:

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