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I am about to start the project Number guesser but I have problems before even begining with the setting on the visual studio code. If I haven’t understood incorrectly, I have to create a folder on C/Codeacademy/projects/HelloWorld. I click on that folder and it says it’s empty so I can’t transfer it to the visual studio code.

It is probably a really basic mistake but I don’t know how to move on´



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Do you have a link to the project?
Just to double check is the issue that you can’t download some required folder from the cc page? Or is it something on your own machine that’s causing trouble? I’m afraid I wasn’t 100% sure which bit was causing trouble.

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I don’t have a link. I basically created a folder on my C called codeacademy, inside this folder I created a folder called projects, inside this I created a folder called HelloWorld and I tried to open that folder on my Visual Studio Code program. However, since the folder is empty, nothing is open. That to me is pretty understandable but from the first instructions I read, I thought it is what I had to do
These are the instructions:


Ahh I think I understand. I think what you want is to open a folder instead of a file, under File on the menu choose “Open Folder” instead of “Open File”-

Ctrl-K Ctrl-O (would be the typical kb shortcut to open a folder)

Edit: Once the folder is opened (you will have an empty workspace at this point) then you can create the relevant html files, part 4 of the instructions on that page-

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