Number Guesser for Javascript

missing ) to close your if condition

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Thanks for your response, i have now completed the project however the share icon at the bottom of the page does not show, i want to be able to put this project on github but i don’t know how?

i just copied and pasted my completed code fom codeacademy straight onto the new gist section, also how would i put this as a new project to show?

There is more to this project then only the JavaScript code, have you taken a look at the other files?

Given you are somewhat familiar with github, maybe you can use github pages to host the website?

I only know a little bit about github and what are the other files? and how can i use github pages to host the website?

this codecademy project consists of more then one file, there should be a folder/directory icon in the top right of the code-editor to view all the files

There are plenty tutorials and even topics on this forum to help you with that :slight_smile:

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