Number Guess


I'm doing Python NumberGuess project and have an error that says "unindent does not match any outer indentation level"
I don't understand what's wrong with it


Hi @amalegend,

The error message must specify a line number where the problem occurred, and that should help you find it.

Check the spelling of the names of the variables. For example, on lines 23 and 27, you have firs_roll.

Also check the spelling of the names of functions. On lines 11 and 12, you have randit.


Thanks, I've corrected my mistakes, but it still keeps saying that unindent does not match any other indentation level, it says the problem is on line 42, where my code is "print ("Congratulations, You've won!"). I don't what's the problem here, I indented it after the "if" statement


Solved it! Thank you!