Number generator

I’m making a number generator and I want forums to help me. I want the user to be able to change how big the number generator can be. right now you have to put how many digits the max can be. Here’s what I got:

#you need to write the whole word "yes" or "no" for it to work.
from random import randint
while True:
  max_number_of_digits = 10
  num_of_digits = randint(1, max_number_of_digits)
  num = randint(1, int("1" + ("0" * num_of_digits)) )
  print("                                                                 ")
  print("                                                                 ")
  print("Welcome To Number Generator.")
  print("Would You Like To Get A Number?")
  answer = input("Enter yes or no: ") 
  if answer == "yes": 
  elif answer == "no": 
     print("So why did you open the program!?")
     print("                                             ")
     print("                                             ")
     print("please go back to 4th grade and try again")

something wierd happend

Just so we’re clear, this will raise an error.

its to make the ouput cleaner

Those are unterminated statements. The closing quote is missing, as is the parens on the print() call.

The quotes are just cut off the screen

Wouldn’t empty print() have the same effect?

I guess that works to but besides that can you help?

You might want to work out a way to break that infinite loop. Use language that is neutral, without insulting your user.

just having fun also what do you mean break the loop

while True:

That is an infinite loop. It needs a breaking condition.

An easy way to do it, could be asking the user for another input, simply specifying the max digits wanted, and using that input instead of max_number_of_digits.

Happy coding!

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