Number 8 Glitching


It says to use 3 paragraphs, one after each header, and I did that, and it is glitching! I did all of the required things and it’s not working! Can anyone help within 20 minutes please? Thank you.


Do you think you could post your code so that we can see first hand what went wrong?

It’s hard for us to help you if we can’t see what’s going on so anything you can add will make this easier! :smiley:


Oh right, sorry! I am new to this, here it is:

	<p>Yeah Hello!</p>
	<h4>Sup bros!</h4>
	<p>Yeah sup</p>	
	<h6>Ur tiny</h6>
	<p>Ur tinier</p>


So, if you would help, that would be great.

The error I am getting is:

Oops. Try again. Did you remember to add all three extra sets of < p >< /p > tags?


Okay, I added it. @lolman


I believe that the only issue is that it’s expecting 3 paragraphs per header,

<p>Yeah Hello!</p>
<p>Yeah Hello!</p>
<p>Yeah Hello!</p>

<h4>Sup bros!</h4>
<p>Yeah sup</p>	
<p>Yeah sup</p>	
<p>Yeah sup</p>	

Similar to that!


Okay! Thank you! I will try that a bit later!

I currently started a different course so…

I will come back to it in a couple minutes.

Thank you so much! :smile:


It works! Thanks lolman! :smile:


I thought this exercises required you to use every heading (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 an h6) and after each heading there should be one paragraph