Number 4 works terrible


The very least problem is that it thinks that $tens[2]; is wrong. The main problem is that it loads for 5 min and then outputs the problem in code. Had to skip the excercise..


This whole tutorial stinks major skunk.

However, I was able to pass this on my first try, luckily for me, with the following:

  $tens = array(10....);
  echo $tens[2];

Don't give up man. Cover your nose! :smile:


Try echo $tens[ 2]; (adding a space before 2). Your syntax is correct as is. I think there's a bug in what is used to check the php for this exercise and the next.


However, it could be what browser you're using, because I'm using Internet Explorer and echo $tens[2] works fine for me.


I'm using Google Chrome and I need to write adding a space before 2 so that I can finish this lession.



Hey folks,


works, however, the instruction is asking us to output the 3rd item in $tens.

$tens=array("10", "20", "30", "40", "50");

Remember that "10" has the position of zero, thus our 3rd item is not "30" but "40". So how come the answer is not $tens[3] instead of $tens[2]?


Thank you! You saved me from having to right out another topic. You are awesome. Mental high-five!!:grinning::hand_splayed:




The more progress in these courses, unless I want to pay for the 'pro'. total rubbish! bugs, bugs and more bugs! Sufferable !!!!!