Number 4 is confusing as heck

  1. Generate a controller named Pages.

What does this even mean? am I supposed to create it in the bash(how??) or like always in the editor? usually it says “create a controller named Pages” not generate? The tasks are very poorly explained, it feels like you were in a extreme hurry when you wrote this course, lol.

Hello @melkerx,

The command for generating a controller is

rails generate controller <controller_name>

Hope this fixes your problem…

Oh wow… :smiley:
where did we practise on this? they cant just think we know every command in our head right? o.O I must have missed it lol

No worries, @melkerx. Keep coding hard :laughing:!

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it says; bashsyntax error near unexpected token ‘newline’:


Hey @melkerx,

What command did you type in?

rails generate controller < Pages >
without the spaces
I’m in broadway (pwd)

Hello @melkerx,

You have to specify a controller name. Otherwise, rails will not be able to generate it…

pages is the name? is it not?

Oh, I am sorry for the misunderstanding… The controller name itself shouldn’t be inside angle brackets, I just meant that to be a placeholder. It is actually meant to be like this rails generate controller Pages Hope this clears things out, and again, very sorry for the miscommunication…

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Worked! kind of confusing, idk why they want me to code stuff I have not studied… hmm, weird.

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