Number 4 is confusing as heck

  1. Generate a controller named Pages.

What does this even mean? am I supposed to create it in the bash(how??) or like always in the editor? usually it says "create a controller named Pages" not generate? The tasks are very poorly explained, it feels like you were in a extreme hurry when you wrote this course, lol.


Hello @melkerx,

The command for generating a controller is

rails generate controller <controller_name>

Hope this fixes your problem...


Oh wow.. :smiley:
where did we practise on this? they cant just think we know every command in our head right? o.O I must have missed it lol


No worries, @melkerx. Keep coding hard :laughing:!


it says; bashsyntax error near unexpected token 'newline':



Hey @melkerx,

What command did you type in?


rails generate controller < Pages >
without the spaces
I'm in broadway (pwd)


Hello @melkerx,

You have to specify a controller name. Otherwise, rails will not be able to generate it...


pages is the name? is it not?


Oh, I am sorry for the misunderstanding... The controller name itself shouldn't be inside angle brackets, I just meant that to be a placeholder. It is actually meant to be like this

rails generate controller Pages

Hope this clears things out, and again, very sorry for the miscommunication...


Worked! kind of confusing, idk why they want me to code stuff I have not studied.. hmm, weird.


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