Number 3 function syntax


bit stuck dont know what to do next...


What's between parentheses of your function doesn't need double quotes..

So you should remove the double quotes from around dairo


still a problem with the syntax


Also the semi colon after dairo sorry I didn't see it first time


Oops, try again. You did not call the greeting function. Pass it a name!

thanks for helping but theres one more thing


Look at line 10 you missed one instruction :slightly_smiling: check your instructions again


This is actually really helpful. I was doing double quotes around the name part too. thank you!!!


If you still have trouble post your most recent code.


Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I don't understand.


@arrayslayer19734 your console.log doesn't have semi colons and as I said above the text in the function parentheses shouldn't have any quotes