After following the "Getting started.." course for about 5 minutes I come to the section about inputs with 'prompt'. Even copying the example from the side pane and pasting it produces this error message. Copying the syntax exactly. No way I can get past this exercise!


Please show us your code.


prompt("What is your name?");

Well, I logged out, logged back in and exactly the same code worked this time. Maybe the java module on my computer had a funny 5 minutes. It does look like some kind of system error. Thanks for your response



I'm on the point of giving up with this. What's wrong with this code? It is EXACTLY the same as the example.

if ( 10 < 3 )
console.log("the condition is true");
console.log("The condition is false");

The console log prints out "The condition is false". So it clearly DOES work, but I still get - Oops, try again.
It looks like your if/else statement didn't log "The condition is false" to the console.


Your code works perfectly for me. I don't know why this would be. I usually recommend:

  • refreshing/reloading the web page (browser is clogged)
  • if that doesn't work, use the Reset Code button (code checker is struggling)
  • if those both fail, then try a different web browser - if you can.


Yes, it did work when I tried it with Safari. However, I got the "Oops..." error message when I tried the following code, (which also worked) when I entered "64" into the prompt.

if(prompt("How old are you")<42)
{console.log("you are younger than me")}
{console.log("You are very old!")}

Maybe they do not like you to deviate too much from the lesson? OK. Yes, you have to copy the exercise EXACTLY before you are allowed on to the next exercise. Same thing happened on the next lesson. The program monitoring the lessons is not concerned whether you understood the lesson or not, only whether the console registers the EXACT output it is expecting! Comes with trying to be too clever!