Npm start gets stuck at "server running"

HI guys… New to react.
I’m building a chat app and everything seemed to be working fine but suddenly(literally over night and without me changing anything) when I put in ‘npm start’ on the server side, to monitor server activities, it stays at ‘server running’

  • I’m not getting any errors at all and the page renders fine to localhost:3000 when I npm start on the client side.
  • All folders are error free.

I’ve searched this topic to no end and I’m coming up empty. I’ve tried everything that made sense.

So this next bit of info might be important but I’m not putting it together yet:
I started the project over because I couldn’t find the answer. Early on in the second stint of this project, npm start on the server side seem to work correctly but then it soon finds itself stuck at ‘server running’ and I’m not sure where or why.

Nothing makes sense and I’m new to react but not server rendering.

I have the link to my repository:

And the repository of the actual project I’m working on:

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

If you can pinpoint the area ballpark of what changes in your code seem to affect it, you can set up breakpoints in your browser to see if something funky is happening.

There’s plenty of videos for how to use breakpoints, here’s a short one: Debugging React Apps with Chrome Breakpoints - YouTube