Now What?

Hey Guys,

I joined CodeAcademy and went for the Pro option about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I’ve gone through HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap and for the most part I feel like I have a decent handle on the mechanics of the syntax, but I want to put some of the work into action to kind of seal it in. I’ve started building a website about myself just to get some work done, but I really want to try and put a full project together.

Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas on how I can get some materials(images, videos, copy) to put something together? What’s the best way to take the next step to work on what I’ve learned before moving on to the next topic.


This is a touchy subject given the amount of proprietary IP on the web. Be sure that anything you borrow from the web has been followed up on to obtain the necessary permissions. There are web sites that offer Public Domain images, so turn to them before attempting to use a picture from another website.

Video is on similar footing, but a good many streaming services permit embedding of their player/video on your site. Don’t get caught napping, though. This is still very much IP, so tread carefully. As for copy, that is the grayest of areas. Very few sites will let you use their copy verbatim, though Fair Use Guidelines can be made to apply if for educational purposes, and only blockquotes are used, along with some dissemination/analysis/criticism on our part to justify use of their copy.

Exhaust your stock of photos that you own before turning to the web for stock photos, or even icons and graphics. Talk to a local photographer and see if they might be willing to contribute some photos and be sure to guarantee attribution. Never use something without attribution. Credit where credit is due, and the owners won’t take such a dim view to your usage.


Absolutely, I’m not looking to rip anyone’s content, I was more seeing if there were sites that might say here’s content to build a restaurant webpage. Or here’s content to build a racetrack webpage. Or whatever and then we just build from scratch for practice.


Well I might be generous enough to do that, one doubts this much altruism exists on the web. Far be it. Exploitation is the overlying theme of the internet, these days. Nobody is giving anything away.


Fair enough. So what would your recommendation be of what I should do now to practice and try to use the all of most of the skills I’ve gone through?


You could always create your own pictures. open paint draw a smiley face and save as picture. This is how i make content. It’s ugly and might not be great if your website is live but its a good way to use placeholders.

Just start with your project and see how far you can go. Worry about legal matters later. I got a whole folder full of * borrowed * cat/kitten pictures i use as placeholders and had never any trouble.

as Grace Hopper says:

It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.

Just don’t try to make any money with it cause that can get ugly.