Now Looking for Partners to Help with The Reddit Project!

Hello, Everyone!

I am excited to announce that I am looking for one or two other learners on the Front-End path for the Reddit Client Portfolio Project.

About the project

This project is a unique client that aims to bring together the best of Reddit and Discord.

Currently nicknamed “Reddisc,” it will offer the following features:

  • Creation of Reddit channels: A fusion of Reddit feeds and Discord classic channels, enabling users to display and engage in discussions about posts from different subreddits.
  • Test Driven Development from the onset of the coding stage.
  • Distinct themes inspired by Discord, accompanied by a Discord-like layout.
  • Display of various Reddit posts with interactive elements like image expansion and zooming.
  • Integration of LocalStorage to enable users to save specific posts, channels, and messages they create.

How can you contribute?

There’s flexibility for everyone to get involved. Whether you consider yourself a Front-End / Full-stack Developer or UI/UX Designer, we welcome your participation.

Some of the technologies we plan to use include:

  • JavaScript frameworks and libraries (React, Redux, etc.)
  • Different CSS approaches for their aproppiate job (vanilla, CSS-in-JS, modules)
  • Client-side dynamic routing (React Router v6)
  • Semantic and Accessible HTML markup

Let’s start collaborating!

To join the project, you can reach out to me through Codecademy forums DMs or via Discord (@chabulsqu1).

We will be utilizing an Agile framework for software development, utilizing Trello for project management, and communicating through Discord. Rest assured, the team will be here to support you every step of the way!

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