Notification bell bug

The notification bell does not work for me. When ever I have a notification it never shows. It just shows the same thing. @CodecademyModerators or @CommunityManagers please help.

Are you talking about this:

for this you will need to click disable, then click enable your browser will ask you to confirm of you want to all push notifications
or this:

for this I don’t know, cos its discuss bug or something, see your preferences, maybe remove save and the add save…

sometimes logout/login helps

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No I mean from the home page it has a notification bell and that does not work.

@steven.copeland The main site isn’t hooked up to Discourse, so that’s not a bug (although it may be a lacking feature).

Next time, please don’t @ groups of people unless it’s urgent, we’ll see it soon enough :slight_smile:


:wink: got thanks @zystvan

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