Noticing a couple problems in Codecademy!

So Hello there! My name is amanuel and these are the following suggestions i make for codecademy!


The codecademy mentions is not properly written out. Meaning 40% of the time when somone gets mentioned they dont get it in thier mentions tab(with like the other stats).

Images here it clearly shows somone mentioned me:

But not on my mentions tab


when i quote reply somones code It messes up thier format for some reason. I accidently messud it up on the website im about to show you down bellow

Here is an evidence for it

On the badge section i read the 100+ Replies post whitch is the post of the Welcome to the fourms! But i still dont get the badge for that? Im confused of that


Take at this image sizing problem here!

Other Evidences:

For the mentions problem on @ragezapper account. Here:

Clearly mentioned him here:

But he dosent get the mentions here. This is not like a one time problem. :

Questions by other people:

@ragezapper :

SOLVED IN Post 10.

Again these are suggestions!

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I agree with the quoting thing. About the mentions, though, @amanuel2, it’s talking about the @ thing. Like for example, I’m giving you another mention. I think the “mention” shows up if your name gets said.


In quoting, can you make the code exactly as it is as another person had said it, not like in a connected way? Thanks.

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Yea look at this image. And on the second to last reply clearly got mentioned. But on the menotions tab it dosent show that!

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Maybe refreshing???

Like, it can’t automatically go to mentions… try refreshing in your profile page, for it was done 9 minutes ago…

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Hey Amanuel2 and Raging Zapwizard,

While these are both problems with the Codecademy forums, I think they’d be more likely to get fixed if you report them over on the official Discourse forums :slight_smile:


Hmm, but its like 15 min now… And the mentions you made me showed up now where it was way earlier than the mention i was talking about in the above image.

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Sorry i did not know there was a discourse form! Im highly sorry! I

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@amanuel2 It’s totally fine, it’s possible that the Codecademy engineers might decide to get it fixed on here before the people behind Discourse do, so there’s nothing wrong with reporting it both places :slight_smile:

Yea ok nice i dont even have an account there! Guys just edited another problem on there too! The image sizing problem me and @mtf figured out!

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Yes, just add three backticks inside the [quote]s, around the code, and it’ll format. For example, here’s that quote ^, but formatted as code:

That looks like:

[quote="ragezapper, post:2, topic:14712"]
In quoting, can you make the code exactly as it is as another person had said it

@amanuel2 I’m not sure how not knowing how to resize an image is a problem with the forums… ?

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@zystvan No the resize problem is not on the fourms but codecademy it self!

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@amanuel2 Well, I also don’t understand how not knowing how to resize an image is a problem with the main Codecademy site :slight_smile: Would you mind explaining that to me please? Thanks :slight_smile:

Unless, is it a complaint that Codecademy should teach users how to resize images?

Will this do the Job?

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I’m still not understanding what the problem is… it doesn’t matter I guess. Maybe I’ll look at it later and I’ll understand it or something :slight_smile:

Understand now? or are you still confused?

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