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I am coding on my own using Notepad and Google Chrome I am a complete beginner i put in this code,seems in order but nothing shows up. It’s like I haven’t coded anything. BTW I know this is probably in the wrong category but as i mentioned i am a complete beginner and i apologise.

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``` Anadil's Cage

Hello Forums!!! Plz help me!!

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Please make the following changes:

<!DOCTYPE html>

        <title>Anadil's Cage</title>
        <p>Hello Forums!!! Plz help me!!</p>

Once you have done this, save the file to your computer. When you save, and this is very important, make sure to add .html at the end of the file name. If you do not do this step, your computer will only open the file as a text document.

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It could be<!DOCTYPE html> or you didn’t save the file and opened it
ctrl + s is easy and ctrl + r to reload fast and ofc you should use a .html extension when you press save as :smiley:

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Thanks tons guys, yes it is saved as a txt document but I “save as” ed it to .html and the browser shortcut popped up too but I think it’s still txt. Thanks for the help I will try those steps

When you save the file, there is an option field under the field where you enter the file name, make sure its set to all files and not .txt files

if you select all files, you can give the file an extension in the name. Otherwise it will be stored as txt file

You can always right click a file and select properties to see what type of file it is


Thanks a lot guys i fixed it , man notepad can act weirdly sometimes but anyways thanks for all the help

i would install something which is slightly more appropriate for programming (notepad++, atom, sublime text)


Agreed, you’re really not doing yourself any favors using notepad, @infernoleader

Atom and Sublime Text are great alternatives.

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Okay thanks I will try them

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