"Nothing Built Yet"

I’m currnetly 20% into C#, I haven’t had anything to do with code since high school, and back then I was using Macro Studio. I don’t even remember what it was called. It was some sort of Flash program to make games. I’m actually inspired when I log on to my home screen and seeing this on the side:

“Nothing Built Yet”
“As you learn, we’ll recommend Challenge Projects to build”

It really inspires me to make something functional as I progress with this 30 day challenge. I’m really excited. I’m going to work and coming home, hitting the keyboard and givin’ 'er. I don’t know what Codecademy has me build as I progress, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

I really, really wanna learn to make something useful or fun or whatever, just something myself or someone else can interact with.

STOKED! Lets do this Folks!


Yeah. sure bro. I have started the 30 day challenge. Hoping to build something


Working on Python here. Total noob to coding. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to fail. End goal is to be able to utilize my understanding of coding to work on Robotics kind of stuff, but I don’t think my understanding is quite there yet. Good thing I’m 19. It’s already kind of embarrassing that there’s kids half my age working on Arduino and Python projects, but better late than never! :slight_smile: Working on that 30-day challenge, too. I’ll check back in here daily to see how everyone else is doing.

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Just remember everyone starts somewhere!

Keep focused, absorb the material, enjoy the process!
One big thing though, don’t be afraid of failure, welcome it and learn from it. Stuck? walk away for 30 mins, take a shower (seriously, this helps more than i’d like to admit), or take a break. The expert level knowledge won’t come to you right away, but at least you’ll have the expert level mindset to deal with the problems that are ahead :smiley:


Same here here bro, looking forward to building projects using C#.

That is the best thing I’ve read here. Honestly, everyone’s comments here we too ambitious. I liked “remember everyone starts somewhere”
I thought maple syrup was sweet? :joy:

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