Not working!


python lessons/courses do not load for some strange reason same with PHP and RUBY courses. if you know why this is not working please reply! :frowning: :frowning:


check if ur connection is stable. to do that go on a lesson and look at the blue dot in the corner.


it is stable... and it is still not working... :frowning:


i dont know then. sorry


does it work for you????


Hi guys,

I am new here, I want to learn python, but from verry beginning I had a problem and I think it is not "me" :smiley:

I just start a lesson, and on the second page, at "Variables", I must set "spam = 10" or another no.
On the screen, I see this:
1 # Write your code below!
if I m writting near "2"
spam = 9, I ll got this answer from the server: "Oops, try again.
Did you remember to create a variable called my_variable?

so how can I know that if I am veeeery begginer :frowning: ? also google doesn`t help mutch

Please reply me here, or on my email:

Thank you,


Read the instruction carefully. It says:

Set variable my_variable equal to the value 10

You must declare your variable as my_variable having the value of 10, so you will write your declaration on line 2 like this:

my_variable = 10


amazing, it is working now :))

question please: why when I written: smapm = 10
it doesn`t work? the varriable must contein "_" and "variable"?

thank you so much!

edit: I am spammed with all answers from all topics around :frowning: ..


In same lesson? You should based your codes according to the instruction. If the instruction says: Set variable my_variable equal to the value 10 , then do it, no more no less :slightly_smiling: unless the instruction says, declare a variable and name it anything you want. by that, maybe your

variable declaration will work.


ok, thank you again gracie :slightly_smiling: