\`\`\` not working sometimes

I learned from other codecademy users on the forums to use backticks(above the tab key on a keyboard) like this to post code with syntax highlighting:

```code here```

on the forums, and it used to work all the time for me, but now it only works in some cases

print hello

like it worked here, but trust me, there are times when I tried it. And the text in the backticks just disappears, both in the preview window and when the post is posted.

Also as you might have seen, the title of this discussion says

but the "` is actually supposed to be three backticks.

Why is this happening?:hushed:

Can you point me at one of your posts where it isn’t working?

It doesn’t work on my post here:

You’ve used [code] on that one. Are you saying that if you switch over to backticks then the code won’t be formatted?

That is interesting. I can replicate that behaviour.

You can escape backticks in a title if you don’t want them converted to quotes as described here: http://daringfireball.net/projects/smartypants/



It works!

It’s just that I want the colors, and this was interesting

Edit that other post so that it has backticks and I’ll have a look at it.


I can make it change if I add a blank line either before the first backticks or after the last ones. Give that a try.

Not working for me.

I didn’t see your blank line, so I’ve added one. Have a look now.

You mean to press enter after typing the backticks?

I put my blank line at the top before the first backticks so I pressed enter after So I have this code:. It also works if I put a blank like at the bottom after the second set of backticks, in that case then yes, you would press enter after typing the backticks.