Not sure why this isn't working? CSS Overview


I don't know why I keep getting the red notification saying: Oops, try again. Did you remember to give your image a 1px solid #4682b4 border?

I've tried looking at other sites for input but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I even tried commas between the border properties, but nothing. On the little review screen, it is showing the border the way it should?

Instructions say:
1. Add an < img > to your HTML document. Its src attribute can point anywhere! (Check the Hint if you're stuck or need a picture.)
2. On the CSS tab, set your image's height to 100px and width to 300px.
3. On the CSS tab, give your image a border of 1px solid #4682b4.

This is my code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
	<h1> Anything I Want </h1>
	<p> Again, anything I'd like. 
	<img src=""/>


 selector {
    property: bestValue, nextBestValue;


h1 { 
    font-family: Verdana, sans-serif;
    color: #576D94;

p { 
    font-family: Garamond, serif;
    font-size: 18px;
    color: #4a4943;

img { 
  height: 100px;
  width: 300px;
  border: 1px solid #4682b4;    


Could you post your full html + css code?

use one of the two following options to make your code/indent is visible:

select your code and press ctrl + shift + c (or cmd + shift + c if you use a mac)

if this instructions are unclear, you can also insert 3 backticks before and after your code, like so:


the backtick is located above the tab key on your keyboard


You've missed a colon after width

width: 300px;

Should fix it :slightly_smiling:


Yup, just updated it.


Hey, thanks! I didn't notice that, but the code still doesn't work. I tried resetting the code and starting over and must have missed it. Lol.


You didn't use the backticks, so i did it for you, take a look. Anyway, your code is fine, what is the error message you receive? make sure your browser zoom is set to 100% (ctrl + 0 or cmd + 0 for mac)


The Zoom must have been what was wrong. Thanks for your help!