Not sure why my method isn't working - HELP!



Trying a side project out! Need help. Not sure why it's not working. This method is supposed to get a string, and return that string with it's previous letter. For example, "afe" should return "zed"

def decrypt(string)
  i = 0
  j = 0
  alphabet = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
  new_string = ""

  while i < string.length
    while j < alphabet.length
      if string[i] == " "
        puts string[i] = " "
      elsif string[i] == alphabet[j]
        new_string = new_string + alphabet[j-1]
      j += 1
    i += 1
  puts new_string



Argue for why it would work, and then find out if it's doing those things

Also, you have a method, it should probably be returning something rather than be printing something (otherwise it's both printing and processing, it should be doing one thing)


I'm pretty terrible at keeping track of what variables are doing sometimes. To help me out, I put in statements so that I can easily see what is going on. You might want to give it a try. Start out with something like:

  while i < string.length
    puts "-----Just inside the i loop"
    puts "i = #{i}"
    puts "j = #{j}"

See if you get what you are expecting.


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